Battery operated Iridium Short Burst Track and Trace device

The GTTS-2000Bi is the successor of the GTTS-2000B. It has the same form factor, battery and ‘plug and play’ easy installation.

GTTS-2000B(i) small

The GTTS-2000Bi is used to track and trace objects in the most simple and reliable way covering the entire globe. Especially objects that can’t provide a suitable power supply, obtaining power is difficult or costly, like container transports, one-time-transports, sporting events etc.

The system will report its GNSS location, speed etc. in configurable time intervals through the Iridium Satellite Network to your own pc/server or to a dedicated geo-server. With mapping software the position or trace can be visualized.

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Overview of communication via the Iridium satellite network:

Iridium overview GTTS-2000 2k

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The GTTS-2000Bi is a battery operated tracking and tracing device that can be installed much faster than any other system. Antennas and battery are fully integrated in the all-weather-proof housing. No wiring is needed.

GTTS-2000Bi magneet view small

Mounting it onto a (ferrous) steel surface is made very easy by the integrated strong magnets (optional). The GTTS-2000Bi will be activated automatically when it is placed onto a steel surface like for example a container or the roof of a truck.

The GTTS-2000Bi

  • ‘GTTS-3000’ protocol compatible. Therefore flexible in sending additional data like speed, heading, analog and digital input value etc. to the server.
  • Internal motion sensor on board. Use a different time interval when motion is detected, this will reduce data-cost.
  • Geofence possibilities

On one battery, depending on the view to the sky, configuration and ambient temperature the GTTS-2000Bi can perform up to 10.000 Iridium transmissions.

toepassing GTTS2000Bi


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