• Iridium

    Iridium is a global communications network consisting of 66 satellites with true global coverage. GTTSystems is Iridium partner ,‘Value Added Reseller’ (VAR) for Iridium airtime and Iridium equipment.

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  • GTTS-2000Bi

    The GTTS-2000Bi is a battery operated Iridium Short Burst Track and Trace device with true global coverage. It reports GNSS information in configurable intervals. With motion detection and geofence capabilities

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  • GTTS-3000

    The GTTS-3000 is a Maritime Iridium Short Burst Data communication terminal. It reports GNSS information and can be used for M2M communication to even the most desolate areas worldwide.

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  • Creating electronics & products for you

    GTTSystems has a development department for designing and producing customer specific applications. The team consisting of enthousiastic engineers is working together for already a longer period of time and will take on any challenge to develop the best solution for you.

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  • Specials

    Dedicated satellite data connections all over the globe. Fast and reliable.

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  • vorige

Latest news

New Iridium Burst Pager

GDB Burst Pager cut out small

December 14th, 2015

Two10degrees Ltd, Leap Development B.V. (in cooperation with GTTSystems) and On the Cusp Ltd have joined forces in a new venture to exploit the Iridium Burst service. The partnership believes that the service opens up an opportunity to develop products…
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Testimonial GAP about GTTSystems

testimonial gap for gtts

September 21st, 2015

“GTTSystems works closely with us to create new solutions for their clients as well as ours.”

GTT Systems at Iridium Partner Conference

gtt systems iridium partner conference 2015

January 7th, 2015

GTT Systems will attend this years Iridium Partner Conference in Miami, from February 9th till February 11th 2015. GTT Systems will join together with their Iridium partner Leap Development.


GTTSystems B.V. is a manufacturer of tracking and tracing systems with true global coverage. With products of GTTSystems you can track and trace persons, vehicles or any object no mather where. From the north to the south pole, ocean or desert, even in the most remote areas. All over the globe.